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Elmiron Linked to Eye Damage and Blindness

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AJK Legal is currently investigating Elmiron claims which may have lead to eye disease. The Elmiron lawsuit claims that long-term exposure to Elmiron causes maculopathy, an eye disorder that affects the macula (central part of the retina) and a major cause of blindness. Unfortunately, many patients have experienced severe effects from Elmiron, leading to extensive losses. If this happened to you, call us at (877) 448-8404 to discuss the matter with an Elmiron injury attorney immediately. We can help you recover the maximum compensation available for your injuries and damages.

About the Elmiron Eye Disease Lawsuit

Elmiron is a drug that has been prescribed to millions of patients since 1996 for interstitial cystitis (IC), otherwise known as painful bladder syndrome. Starting in 2015, researchers began to discover a potential link between the drug and a serious eye disease called maculopathy. However, even as the evidence has piled up, Elmiron’s manufacturer, Janssen Pharmaceutical, has failed to warn the public about these risks. IC patients are typically prescribed 300 milligram daily doses of the drug. In more serious cases, doctors have been known to prescribe 800 or even 1500 milligrams. Millions of people are taking a drug that may one day rob them of their vision, and an untold number may have already suffered serious health consequences.

Symptoms of Maculopathy

Maculopathy is a general term for eye disorders that affect the macula of the eye. Any type of maculopathy can eventually lead to blindness. In Elmiron's case, the type of maculopathy that patients claim to experience is identified as pigmentary maculopathy. Patients with maculopathy may first have decreased vision. Other possible symptoms of maculopathy after the use of Elmiron include:

Difficult to see objects up close
Hard to read
Vision dimming
Some loss of vision in one place
Difficult adjustment from light to dark

Elmiron Lawsuits in the News

Patients allege that drug maker Janssen Pharmaceuticals, which makes Elmiron, failed to warn patients about the dangers of taking Elmiron and its potentially serious side effects. Janssen Pharmaceuticals warns of some side effects on its product label, but does not include warnings about the potential for maculopathy. Elmiron's lawsuit claims that Janssen Pharmaceuticals knew or should have been that this could be a side effect of the drug.


What sort of compensation may I be eligible for?

If you have been injured by Elmiron, you can request the following in a lawsuit:

-Lost wages if your vision loss prevents you from working or reduces your ability to earn
-Medical costs to treat your vision problems
-Pain and suffering
-Emotional distress

Am I eligible to file an Elmiron vision loss lawsuit?

This is a question that you should discuss with a licensed attorney, as the answer depends on many factors. The attorney can review your injuries and other details to determine if we can help you. There are many questions we can ask as we try to determine your eligibility to file a claim for compensation. These may include: How long have you been taking Elmiron? Why did your doctor prescribe this medicine for you? (You may not be eligible to file a claim if the drug was prescribed for an off-label use. What injuries have you sustained while taking this medicine? Have you sought treatment for your injuries? Have your injuries / symptoms improved since you stopped using the medicine? Did you stop using the medicine at the direction of your doctor? How much does your low vision affect you each day? What treatments have you received? Have you stopped taking the drug? If so, how long has it been since you stopped?

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If you or a loved one has developed an illness after taking Elmiron, our firm can help you recover the maximum compensation available for your injuries. We understand the devastating effects of these products, and we will work to secure the compensation you need for medical expenses, lost income, and more. Call us today at (877) 448-8404 or contact us online to schedule a free case review.