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Spam Text Message Lawyer
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Receiving unwanted spam text messages?

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The National Do-Not-Call Registry

One of the primary purposes of the TCPA was to enact a national registry of phone numbers that do not desire solicitations by phone. The Do-Not-Call Registry is a free way to ensure that your rights are protected. If you are receiving unwanted calls and text messages from companies marketing to you even though you are on the do-not-call list, call us today.

How to Report Text Message Spam

If you believe you are the recipient of spam text messages, take the following steps:

Text “stop” to the sender

Do not click on any links - Often, scammers will include a hyperlink in the message. If you open the link, you may inadvertently allow malware to be installed on your device that scammers can use to access your personal information.

Take a screenshot of the text message(s)- Taking a screenshots of new incoming message after requesting "stop." This the best way to preserve the evidence of the spam message. Screenshots are date and time stamped, which is useful for proving the message was sent to you.

Contact us- Our spam text messages attorneys can help stop harassing messages from disturbing your privacy and asses your claim to determine if you are entitled to a recovery of at least $500 - $1500 for each text message you receive after requesting "stop."

You can also file a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC is an independent federal agency responsible for implementing communications laws and ensuring their compliance. The FCC may issue warnings and/or fines to companies that violate the TCPA.


Why am I receiving unsolicited spam text messages?

Most of the time, businesses that are sending spam text messages are attempting to attract consumers to their service or product. By responding to an unsolicited spam text message other than "stop," your phone number will likely be tagged as valid and disseminated to scammers and increasing your odds of receiving more spam junk messages. Scammers often use many different techniques to get unsuspecting consumers to give out personal information. These are often spam text messages requesting some type of action in exchange for money, gift cards, or other financial gains.

How can our spam text message lawyer help stop the messages?

The first step to stopping harassing spam text messages should be to add your number to the national Do-Not-Call registry and texting "stop." Our team will review and assess your claim and protect your rights. We will determine if you are entitled to a recovery of at least $500 for each text message you received after requesting "stop," and if your claims are eligible for a nationwide class action lawsuit. Class action lawsuits are one of the most effective actions consumers can take to stop unwanted spam text messages.

My number is on the Do-Not-Call registry. Why am I still receiving spam text messages?

The registry is a tool intended for businesses to establish best practices. The law requires businesses to keep records of numbers on the registry and avoid calling those numbers. Sometimes, a number is called inadvertently -for example when the owner of the number has changed. These types of accidental calls are not considered violations. The government does not have the ability to stop phone calls from being made. If you are receiving unwanted solicitations, contact the FTC and our attorneys. We will work on your behalf to stop the calls and text messages. Most of the time, calls and text messages to numbers on the Do-Not-Call registry result from consumers inadvertently “consenting” to marketing. When you purchase something online and provide a phone number, you may be signing up to receive messages. It is best to contact our spam text message lawyer so we may conduct a thorough, independent investigation of your claim, calculate your damages, and advise you on all of your legal options.

I got a text from the IRS requesting my social security number or credit card information. Is that right?

The IRS will never request sensitive personal information through text message. Any message you receive from a government agency requesting personal information should be regarded as highly suspicious. You should not respond, but instead, take a screenshot of the message, and contact our legal team.

Why am I receiving unsolicited spam messages for resort stays, lotteries, and prizes?

Most of the time, these messages are the result of inadvertent subscriptions or solicitations. Companies often gather information at events by having people fill out raffle tickets for prizes. The information they gather can be used for solicitations in the future without violating the law. You will need to request that the company stop sending you offers. If the offers do not stop after you have made a request, contact our legal team for help. Generally, it is a best practice to avoid freely giving out person information such as a mailing address and phone number.

Why do I need to save a screenshot of unwanted text messages?

When you take a screenshot of a text message, you are preserving the information about that message. For example, the picture will include a date and time stamp, clearly identifying when you received the message. Our lawyer uses this information to prove the text message happened and was unwanted. Without a screenshot, proving a claim would be very challenging.

How do I file a complaint?

You can file a complaint against businesses using text message solicitations or robocalls through the FCC consumer complaints portal. You can also contact our text message lawyers so we may help with the claim.

Are class action lawsuits filed against companies for violating TCPA?

Yes. In fact, while many calls come from small businesses or out-of-country scammers, a large number of TCPA violation claims are against major corporations such as AT&T, Walmart, Wells Fargo, and others.

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