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Around 1 million people will require treatment for a hernia each year. Unfortunately, not all hernia mesh implants surgeries are successful. If you or a loved one were injured because of hernia mesh implant surgery complications, you maybe eligible for compensation for your pain and suffering. Contacting an experienced personal injury law firm is one of the best calls you can make to learn about your rights. Law firms nationwide are currently investigating defective hernia mesh claims which have caused injuries to hernia surgery patients. Call us today at (877) 448-8404 for a free legal consultation and find out how AJK Legal can help.

Most common types of hernias

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the following are the most common types of hernias in the US:

● Inguinal: Occurs in the groin area
● Femoral: Occurs in the upper thigh or outer groin
● Incisional: Occurs where an incision was made, usually in the course of another surgery
● Ventral: Occurs in the abdominal region
● Umbilical: Occurs at the belly button
● Hiatal: Occurs in the inner abdomen or stomach area or diaphragm

Defective medical devices

Most postoperative problems arising from hernia surgery are the result of defective devices, not the lack of attention or skill that would result in a medical malpractice lawsuit. The most common device doctors use to repair a hernia is called a hernia mesh. Since the 1980’s, hernia mesh implants have become the preferred method of repairing the injury. Not all mesh implants are equal, however. Every year, hundreds of people suffer from problems arising from defective hernia mesh implants. In almost all of these cases, a personal injury attorney will help you and your family to get the medical care and attention you need to prevent further harm or death. The attorney you choose will need to understand the laws surrounding the medical field, along with having excellent skills in handling device manufacturer claims. It’s not uncommon for these cases to be difficult to win. Medical device manufacturers are frequently well-funded and have teams of lawyers dedicated to ensuring the company is shielded from bad publicity following claims of a failure of one of their devices. Your legal team will need to work hard to establish proof of the defective device causing your injuries to ensure you get the proper settlement and long-term care you will need.

Recalls of hernia mesh implants by manufacturer

C.R. Bard: Bard, and it’s division Davol have experienced recalls of their Composix Kugel patch products since 2005. Most commonly, the implant suffers from buckling that can lead to incisions in the patient's bowels or other organs. According to Mesh News Desk, all polypropylene mesh implants from C.R. Bard with the exception of soft mesh products have faced recalls. Bard voluntarily removed their products from the market in 2012.

Johnson & Johnson: J&J subsidiary Ethicon has recalled various types of mesh implants including those used for hernia repair according to masstortnexus.com. In 2018, the U.S. Federal Court found against J&J and Ethicon for selling medical devices they knew had serious side effects and could likely cause permanent damages including death. That lawsuit resulted in a $35 million settlement, of which $25 million was punitive. All of the company’s multi-layer, coated mesh implants are subject to litigation.

Atrium Medical Corp.: Atrium, maker of several types of hernia mesh have recalled products and faced injunctions for failing to advise consumers of the risks the implants carry. Trials against Atrium were scheduled for 2020, but have been postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Medtronic: Maker of brand-name Covidien hernia mesh implants, Medtronic is experiencing lawsuits filed in state courts, but is not currently facing multi-district litigation. The products made by Medtronic have not resulted in recalls at this time.

Common Symptoms of a Hernia Mesh Problem

The most common side-effect of a hernia mesh implant is pain. Typically, pain should subside rather quickly following surgery. If pain does not go down, or if pain flares up suddenly, it’s a sign there may be a problem. Infections are also quite common following a hernia repair. This can include infections at the incision site or in the tissue surrounding the implant. Unfortunately, hernia mesh implants can also cause a wide range of problems long after the injury has healed. As scar tissue forms, the implant can distort, forcing parts of the device into other areas of the body cavity. Injuries can include tears of organs, the implant growing into organs, organs attaching to other areas of the body, and even bone growth over an implant. A wide range of symptoms, from teeth falling out to loss of blood flow to testicles have been reported. A frightening number of victims do not even realize that the implant may be the cause of the problem until they understand the symptoms. Any time you have abnormal pain and you have had a hernia mesh implant, the first call you should make is to your health care provider. Quickly acting to resolve a defective hernia mesh implant can save your life.

Common symptoms that may indicate your surgeon failed to perform the operation correctly include:

● Infections
● Re-opening of the Hernia
● Internal Bleeding
● Scarring
● Abnormal Healing
● Internal Blockage

If you or a loved one is suffering these symptoms following a hernia surgery, it is imperative that you contact a medical professional and a personal injury attorney. The symptoms of a failed hernia surgery can lead to further suffering and death.

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What are hernia mesh implants made from?

Almost all hernia mesh implants in the United States today are made from synthetic materials or animal tissue. The most common animal tissues used come from cows and pigs. Synthetic fibers such as polypropylene are also common materials for hernia mesh implants. Some implants are absorbed during the healing process, including animal tissue and many synthetic fibers. Others stay in place, allowing healthy tissue to grow around and close the wound.

How common are defective hernia mesh implants?

Around 70,000 hernia repair surgeries result in severe infections, many caused by the materials the mesh implant is made from. Often, coatings on the mesh itself are to blame for complications. One reason hernia implant recalls are common is that only four manufacturers in the U.S. make the devices. When a batch is defective, it may be distributed all over the country and it may take several years to identify the defect. Counterfeit mesh implants are also a problem in the U.S. The vast number of recalled hernia mesh implants have happened since 2016.

How does a hernia mesh implant work?

When a surgeon repairs a hernia, they must prevent the area of muscle that opened from re-opening. A hernia mesh implant works like a patch to hold the opening closed and prevent internal organs from pushing through again. In most cases, a hernia mesh operation will be successful. In an alarming number of cases, though, the insert itself is not properly made and either causes infections or fails to properly hold the wound closed. When a defective hernia mesh implant is responsible for further pain and suffering, it’s vital the manufacturer is held accountable to prevent more people from suffering. Empirical evidence collected from surgery centers around the world indicates hernia mesh implants to be highly successful at preventing recurrence of the hernia. The FDA indicates that only about 10 percent of hernia repairs are made with sutures and no mesh implant today.

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