How Much is My Florida Personal Injury Claim Worth?


One of the questions after being injured in an accident you might ask is “How much is my claim worth?” We know there are a variety of valid reasons you would want to know the value of a claim. In many cases, people have come to us after an injury with mounting medical bills, lost time at work, and in constant pain and suffering. Knowing how much your injury is worth may put your mind at ease during a stressful time.

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Before it’s possible to find out the compensation value for your injuries, it is important to understand the proper process for filing an injury claim. Depending on the nature of the injury you have, filing a claim can be simple or complex. The best way to find out whether filing a claim is a good idea in your situation is to contact our firm. We will discuss your case and advise you on whether you have a good claim. If you hire our firm, we will be able to immediately begin the process of getting you the best medical doctors available and benefits possible to help you through your injury.

Factors That Impact Settlements and Awards

Florida law prevents recovery for some benefits in certain scenarios. The type of accident you experience and the level of injury you sustain will be significant factors in the amount of money available to you. Insurance companies frequently minimize settlement offers by applying restrictive Florida laws, sometimes unfairly so.

That’s one of the reasons hiring the right personal injury lawyer in Florida is important. You need an attorney that knows how to maximize the benefits available after an accident. It’s an unfortunate fact that the insurance adjusters seldom tell you to know the best way to get a good settlement. A top personal injury lawyer in Florida will make sure you get appropriate treatment and the maximum settlement possible in accordance with Florida laws.

Common Factors in Accidents

These are some of the common factors that can impact how much insurance money is available.

Location of the Accident:

This is an important one because there are a number of scenarios where the location an injury happens may involve numerous insurance companies for many different reasons. Common locations where injuries happen include grocery stores, restaurants, shopping malls, amusement parks, and schools. These locations can create complex insurance responsibility. Hiring a lawyer who focus on personal injury law will significantly increase the likelihood of a fair settlement.

Other locations minimize payouts for injuries. Locations such as work or your own private residence can significantly reduce the possibility of recovering damages. Unfortunately, being in the wrong place at the wrong time can leave you unprotected.

Cause of Injury

One of the most complicated parts of determining the outcome of a claim is understanding the causes of the injury. Numerous scenarios can have multiple causes of fault, even when the case seems simple enough. A good injury lawyer will spot the various times when the cause of an injury is not as obvious as it seems. Examples may include trip and fall claims where two or more individuals are responsible for causing the hazard or automobile accidents involving a distracted driver who ran a malfunctioning traffic light.

Determining the cause of your injury involves a full investigation of the accident in order to determine exactly how and why you were hurt. Each claim is different, and a good personal injury lawyer is key to identifying the causes of the accident and making sure you get the appropriate coverage.

Your injury claim can be significantly reduced or thrown out all together when the cause of your injury was your own negligence such as disregarding warning signs or engaging in behavior that you knew had a high likelihood of injury. This includes horseplay, fighting, and trespassing.

Nature of the Injury

The type of injury you sustain in an accident can have major ramifications for the outcome of your claim. Florida laws regulate how much a claim for injuries under some circumstances are worth. Under the law, severe injuries command a higher financial responsibility for the at-fault person. In some cases, pain and suffering may only be claimed when the injury is deemed to cause permanent disability or be permanently disfiguring.

It would seem that an insurance adjuster should help you to make sure that you see the appropriate treatment for your injury. Unfortunately, this is many times, not the case, and some adjusters are more interested in quickly settling your claim for as little payout as possible rather than your well-being. You need a top injury attorney that understands the medical aspect of personal injury just as well as the law.

Minor injuries in trip and fall incidents or motor vehicle crashes can result in serious consequences that aren’t always easy to identify. We always recommend that you seek immediate attention from a medical professional any time you are involved in an accident. Often, serious injuries can be caught quickly during a medical consultation.


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