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False advertising is any claim about a product or service that is false, misleading or otherwise deceptive. Product misrepresentation and misleading advertisements can falsely induce consumers into purchasing products that are not what they claim to be. State and federal consumer protection laws are in place in order to protect consumers from such practices and to provide consumers with an opportunity to participate in class action lawsuits to recover compensation for any losses incurred.

The attorneys at AJK Legal have earned a national reputation for representing consumers throughout the country in class action lawsuits who were victimized by false or deceptive advertising. If you believe you are aware of a false or misleading product advertising case, call to speak to one of our Florida licensed False Advertising Attorneys today.

False Advertising Class Action Cases We Handle

Our team handles a variety of class action lawsuits including for cases involving:

    Misleading labels - Examples include products that represent to be "All-Natural" or "100% Natural" when containing synthetic or unnatural ingredients such as ingredients that are genetically modified, highly processed, or otherwise synthetic. Other examples include products that are advertised to be “organic,” or "preservative free," yet contain ingredients that do not conform to the labeling.

    Deceptive advertising - An advertisement is deceptive if it contains a claim – or fails to disclose important information – that is likely to mislead a typical consumer, such as a product defect or hidden fees. False advertising can involve statements that are deceptive or those that are misleading because they are silent on important facts about the product.

    Bait-and-switch advertising - Examples include advertisements for a product or service such as a low price or rebate that is intended to "bait" the consumer into purchasing a substitute product or service usually at a higher price, or on a basis that is more advantageous to the advertiser.

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If you believe you were mislead, defrauded, or otherwise harmed by a business due to false advertising in violation of Florida or federal law, the attorneys at AJK Legal can review your case and determine the best course of action. Our attorneys represent people throughout Florida and nationwide who have been misled or otherwise harmed by companies. Contact AJK Legal today to find out how we can assist you.