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Every day in Orlando, Kissimmee, Winter Garden, and Winter Park many car accidents or collisions happen that are caused by distracted or careless drivers. People talking on the mobile phone or texting while driving are one of the reasons why car accidents have increased. Sometimes drivers are under the influence of alcohol, running stop signs, or just not paying attention. Drivers, passengers and pedestrians frequently suffer serious injuries or even death.

Because car accident cases are complex, and so much is at stake, it is critical to have the best legal representation available to help with your lawsuit. AJK Legal Law Firm is prepared to handle your car accident injury case with excellence, integrity and a dedication to service. Our results are a reflection of our philosophy. With us, we have dedicated our practice to the most severe and challenging cases, fighting fiercely to obtain the maximum compensation allowed by law for your clients. The best part is, we handle car accident injury cases solely on a contingency fee basis. This means that you get paid only if and when we recover money for you. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, make the right decision and call (877) 448-8404 or contact our office to schedule a free consultation with an experienced car accident attorney. You will not pay anything until we resolve your case with a settlement agreement or a jury verdict.

Our car accident lawyers serve communities throughout the Orlando metropolitan area including, Winter Park, Kissimmee, Oak Ridge, Lake Buena Vista, Winter Garden, Altamonte Springs, Clermont, Sanford, Saint Cloud, Apopka, Windermere, Casselberry, Ocoee, Oviedo, Daytona Beach, Odessa, Dade City, Altamonte Springs, and Lake Mary.

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What to do after a Car Accident in Orlando?

If you or a loved one were involved in an Orlando car accident, consider the following:

1. Call 911- Report the crash to the police and get immediate medical assistance for yourself and others injured. Please be aware it is critical that you visit a doctor for an evaluation after any serious accident even if no immediate pain is present.

2. Exchange contact information - If possible, make a record of the other drivers involved in the crash. Record their driver’s license and license plate number, as well as the name of their auto insurance company and policy number.

3. Identify witnesses - Attempt to obtain names, addresses, and phone numbers of any individuals which might have witnessed the accident. Also try to record cell phone pictures or video at the scene of the accident, including the property damage to all vehicles involved.

4. Do not discuss - It’s important not to provide any statements on the internet or otherwise and allow your attorneys to conduct a thorough investigation. Your insurance company should be notified of the accident. However, do not provide a written or recorded statement. Do not admit fault or agree to a settlement. Speak to your attorney or your doctor until the case is properly and fully resolved.

Should you Hire an Orlando Car Accident Lawyer?

If you are not injured, you may not need a lawyer. However, don't rule it out completely. In certain complex situations, the legal knowledge of an attorney could be very important - even if you are not injured. If you (or someone you know) suffered a permanent injury or lost significant amounts of time away from work, school, or housework, that legal knowledge is even more essential. Although no laws require that you hire an attorney after a car accident in Orlando, there are various reasons why it is a good idea to hire an experienced accident attorney. For example, it is highly recommend that you hire an attorney if any of the following happened during your accident:

1. You suffered permanent or serious injuries.
2. The injury required hospitalization.
3. Another person in the vehicle was injured.
4. The accident occurred in an area under construction.
5. You suffered a loss of a loved one.
6. Medical costs are more than a couple thousand dollars.
7. The police report does not show an exact story of what happened.
8. Guilt is disputable.
9. You are not sure what your rights are.

Also, your insurer could be the reason you need an attorney. We advise you hire an attorney if: The stationery and forms you received since the accident are confusing. Your insurer says that you did not pay your premium. The terms of your insurance policy are not clear to you. You suspect that your insurer is acting in bad faith by denying you coverage, refusing to pay before investigating, or offering to pay you what is owed to you. Your insurer is acting strange and is ignoring you or being nasty / aggressive. Your insurer gets a lawyer. We know that many of the things that happen after an accident can be confusing. That is why we do not suggest that you try to handle everything yourself. Instead, contact our legal team at AJK Legal Law Firm at (877) 448-8404 to protect your rights.

How will hiring an Orlando Car Accident Lawyer help?

Investigate - We will investigate all aspects of the car accident including facts which may identifying other potential negligent parties such as manufacturers, retailers, employers, and others who may be at fault. Our Orlando car accident lawyers will work diligently to gather critical evidence such as police reports, witness statements, photographs, video footage, medical records, employer records, and others. We will help identify the causes and identify those responsible.

Assist - Our team will help with finding the best medical doctors available to treat with for your injuries. We will negotiate and work with the doctors and hospitals to lower your medical bills and help identify and seek compensation from, the parties responsible for causing the accident.

Protect - We will protect your rights when dealing with third parties , including adverse insurance companies, investigators, and lawyers on your behalf. We will fight abusive insurers on your part and work hard to achieve a meaningful settlement. Our skilled lawyers negotiate with our clients' best interests in mind and will aggressively pursue the highest possible recovery in your case.

Litigate - Our Orlando car accident lawyer will work to apply pressure on the other side. If the insurers do not want to cooperate or you are not satisfied with the settlement offer you received, our Orlando car accident attorneys will not hesitate to file your claims in court. Our goal is to help you in any way that we can. We will handle all aspects of your legal case and fight to help you recover the maximum compensation available under the law.

Do I Have Grounds for a Car Accident Claim in Orlando?

In order to obtain compensation for injuries caused in car accident, you will need to demonstrate that another person or company was negligent. Negligence is a legal principle of common law or elaborated by a judge that has evolved with public opinion over time. This is a flexible standard that has been adopted in every state in the country, although the way that other judges, attorneys, and state juries interpret the negligence standard may differ. A person is negligent when he fails to exercise the level of care expected of a reasonably prudent person in similar circumstances. In other words, a person may be negligent by creating unreasonable risk to others. To prove a negligence case, a car accident attorney will need to show:

1) that you were owed a duty of care;

2) that duty of care was breached;

3) that the breach of duty was the direct cause of your harm;

4) and that your suffered some form of damages

You must demonstrate all four elements for a jury to judge. This is why it is important that an attorney represent you and help with your car accident claim.

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At AJK Legal we understand that not all accidents end in a legal claim. Not all accidents lend themselves to a worthwhile legal claim. Not all accidents result in a legal claim that an attorney is willing to pursue. Many accidents that cause injury carry some legal rights (for example, workers' compensation benefits), while there are some accidents that cause serious injury or death that create legal claims that are worth pursuing (even in cases where you could get legal benefits, such as workers' compensation benefits). Investigating and protecting the scene and evidence of the accident and obtaining top-level experts in the vast majority of cases is essential: the sooner the better. The other party already has investigators, appraisers, attorneys and experts involved in serious accident cases.

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“Mr. Alexander is the best personal injury attorney in Florida. My deepest gratitude for his commitment and relentless efforts on my behalf.

I found comfort with AJK Legal after my accident. They helped me to a speedy recovery and achieved amazing results. I recommend this law firm to those looking to recover the most after a serious injury."

G. Rodriguez

"Best Personal Injury Lawyer"

“I highly recommend Mr. Korolinsky and his team. Professional and compassionate, someone was always available to address my questions or concerns.

After an unfortunate accident, Mr. Korolinsky and his team fought tooth and nail to make sure that I received the maximum compensation my family and I deserved. Thank you!!”

A. Garces

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“I highly recommend this firm. Mr. Korolinsky is an excellent lawyer who knows how to get the right results. He fought for me when I needed it the most. Great lawyer! Great team!”

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How long after my car accident should I hire an attorney?

Do not delay. Hire an attorney as soon as possible. You will need immediate representation because the party at fault will contact your insurer and the insurer will attempt to contact you. Why is that important? It matters because insurers have their own team, which is looking for a way to make sure they can pay the lowest amount possible. That means your goal from the start is to pursue your best interests, not yours. One of the easiest ways they can accomplish this is if you don't file an injury claim before the statute of limitations expires. The statute of limitations is a law that indicates how long a party has to file a claim in court. Time frames vary by event and state. If you do not meet the statute of limitations, it is very likely that the other party will signal it. That will probably be the end of your case. Although, there are certain situations in which you could extend the time to file your case, it is quite rare. You should therefore try to comply with the statute of limitations as soon as possible. It could be the difference between earning the money you deserve and leaving empty-handed.

What happens after hiring an attorney?

After you hire an attorney from AJK Legal Law Firm, our legal team will need to know more specific details about the accident. This information can be gleaned from what you remember about the accident, information from elsewhere, the police report, medical documents, and more. This information will then be used to prepare your case and determine which party was negligent. When fault has been established, we will work diligently to determine how much your claim is worth. Without the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney, it would be difficult to determine a fair amount. Finally, negotiations begin on your behalf with the insurers involved. If no agreement is reached, your attorney may take the case to trial. Fortunately, if you get to this point, you will have an experienced professional on your side to back you up.

How long do I have to pursue an injury case?

Under Florida Law, accident victims generally have four years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury claim.

What are my responsibilities as a driver in Tampa?

Responsibilities of a driver in Tampa requires reasonable care under the circumstances in the use and handling of their vehicle. This standard applies to all drivers, including truck drivers, municipal drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and any other driver of a vehicle. Tourists traveling through Tampa must also comply with Florida laws, whether they are from Tampa, from another state, or even from another country. This standard is flexible and important, because it means that even legal conduct may not be reasonable. For example, in heavy fog, it may be unreasonable to drive at a posted 55 MPH speed limit.

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If you or a loved one were involved in an accident due to someone else's negligence, contact AJK Legal at (877) 448-8404 today. Because accident cases are complex, and so much is at stake, it is critical to have the right legal representation by your side. Our team has the experience necessary to successfully pursue your case in court. Contact us today so we may conduct a thorough, independent investigation of your incident, calculate your damages, advise you on all of your legal options, and help answer any questions you have.