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If you or a loved were injured at a Florida theme park, the Florida them park accident lawyer at AJK Legal will be there to help you and your family through this difficult time. Accidents can happen at any amusement park in Florida, such as: Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom Universal studios, Busch Gardens, Sea World, Epcot, The Youth Fair, Water parks, Zoos, Local fairs and carnivals. A serious slip, trip, or fall can ruin a vacation, cause considerable pain and suffering, and result in significant medical expenses. Injuries on rides, roller coasters, or any other attraction can cause permanent disability or even death. If you or someone you know where injured at a Florida theme park, our team is available for a free consultation. Let our experienced amusement park injury attorneys handle the legal aspects and fight to help obtain the maximum compensation you and your family deserve. Call us today at (877) 448-8404 and find out how our personal injury lawyers can help with your claim.

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What to do after a Florida theme park accident

If you were involved in a Tampa car accident, consider the following:

1. Report - Report the accident to park management and get immediate medical assistance for yourself and others injured. Please be aware it is critical that you visit a doctor for an evaluation after any serious accident even if no immediate pain is present.

2. Gather evidence - If possible take photos or video of dangerous conditions or scene of the incident. Ask for a copy of the incident report. Ask the park to preserve any available. Collect the names, addresses, and phone numbers of any individuals which might have witnessed the accident including employees and/or management involved.

3. Do not discuss - It’s important not to provide any statements on the internet or otherwise and allow your attorneys to conduct a thorough investigation. Generally, it is wise to only discuss details of the accident with your attorney or your doctor until the case is properly and fully resolved.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of amusement park negligence, it is imminent that you speak to a knowledgeable attorney immediately. Injury attorneys at AJK Legal Law Firm in Florida will make sure to complete a proper investigation for you, before valuable evidence is lost. This is your case and our experienced attorney along with our support staff will stand by your side to achieve justice for you. The personal injury lawyers at AJK Legal Law Firm represent clients throughout the State of Florida, including the Tampa, Orlando, Miami, and West Palm Beach.

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“Mr. Alexander is a top personal injury attorney. I am deeply grateful for his commitment and persistent efforts on my behalf.

I found comfort with AJK Legal following my accident. They helped me to a speedy recovery and achieved amazing results. I would recommend this law firm to those looking to recover the most after a serious injury."

G. Rodriguez

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“I highly recommend Mr. Korolinsky and his team. Professional and compassionate, someone was always available to address my questions.

After a serious accident, Mr. Korolinsky and his team fought tooth and nail to ensure that my family and I received the maximum and just compensation. Thank you!”

A. Garces

Excellent Lawyer. Great Team.

“I highly recommend this firm. Mr. Korolinsky is an excellent lawyer who knows how to get the right results. He fought for me when I needed it the most. Great lawyer. Great team.”

R. Jackson


How will hiring an attorney help?

1. Investigate - We will investigate all aspects of the accident including facts which may identifying other potential negligent parties such as employers, manufacturers, retailers, municipalities, and others who may be at fault. Our experienced accident lawyers will gather critical evidence such as police reports, witness statements, photographs, video footage, medical records and reports, employer records, and others.

2. Assist - Our team will assist you in finding the best medical doctors available for your injuries, and ensure that you don't pay for your medical bills or legal services out of pocket. We charge no upfront fees or costs to you.

3. Protect - We will help to protect your interests and speak with third parties, including adverse insurance companies, investigators, and lawyers on your behalf.

4. Negotiate - Our team of skilled lawyers negotiate with our clients' best interests in mind and will aggressively pursue the highest possible recovery.

5. Litigate - Our motorcycle accident injury lawyers will not hesitate to take a case to trial and apply the maximum pressure on the other side when it is in our clients' best interest.

Do You Have a Disney World Florida Injury Claim?

Our Disney World Florida Injury Attorneys at AJK Legal Law Firm are committed to helping people who have been injured or harmed. If you or a loved one was seriously injured while visiting any park at Disney World, you may be entitled to financial compensation. You should immediately contact our attorneys at 877-448-8404. There are time limits to filing an Injury Lawsuit at Disney World.

Should I contact a Florida lawyer for an accident that occurred while driving to Florida?

Yes - events like Daytona Beach, Bike Week and Biketoberfest draw many bike riders to Florida. A Florida lawyer may represent you in court for an accident that occurred in Florida.

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